If I was richer – I’d buy Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-glow

As I reach my late twenties, my skin truly benefits from a moisturizer especially as we lead into the winter months. I have combination skin – oily in some parts and dry in others, so it’s always a little difficult finding a moisturizer that works for me.

When I worked part-time at Sephora I had access to some of best skincare lines available. I really miss it. So now once a year, I try to invest a few great skincare products as I can completely feel the difference between a great quality skincare product tailored to my skin type vs. a typical drug store moisturizer.

So I took a visit back to my local Sephora store and got a sample of the latest moisturizer from Bliss. I’ve always been a huge fan of this brand. Between Fat Girl Sleep and Super Minty Soap n’ Scrub their products can do wonders for my skin.

The sample I went with this time is the Triple Oxygen Ex-‘glow’-sion! (Note: Always take advantage of samples with skin care products if available. You never know how your skin is going to react good or bad.) Some users on the forums found this product oily, but I’ve really been impressed with how soft my skin has felt.  It’s definitely lightweight and hydrating.

So, once I have room in my budget I’ll definitely be picking up product

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