Mom’s on Vacation

On Friday, this lovely lady (and my lovely father) will be taking the most well-deserved vacation. I come from a very simple loving family and it is because of these two wonderful people. The only time my parents have been on a plane was a trip we took to Florida when I was 2. I hardly think it was a vacation for them. I am so excited for them and I am extremely jealous I can be there with them. They are going to a five-star resort in the Dominican and I can only imagine the fun they are going to have. I can see my mom in a very similar outfit above just enjoying herself and that makes me really happy.

I am so happy that my parents are almost getting to retirement as they have never really traveled before. When we were growing up they gave all their money to my brother and I ( in some ways they still are). Vacations for us were mostly cottages and lacrosse trips with my dad (which by-the-way where some of my best memories growing up). They have never been to NY or overseas..  it was just never a priority. 

My mom is so nervous. She keeps calling asking me for packing ideas or buying flower accessories for her “ïsland hair.”

Have fun Mom & Dad! I will be thinking of you all next week. Also, don’t be scared of the 10 a.m. Strawberry Daiquiris. They will grow on you by the end of the week!

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