Re-fueling my cultural capital

I made it!  I am extremely proud at what I have accomplished over the last few months.  I sucessfully completed my first semester with all A’s! It was stressful at times, but it was clearly worth it. I think I have found my place in this communications industry.

I miss my classmates, the work and my part-time job already, but I think this break is well needed. I am catching up on books, magazines, blogs and preparing myself for next semester.

During school, I get lost in eating programs, budget concerns, and daily reading. I am taking the next few weeks get back on track. I hope to read the books I bought, such as Naomi Klein`s Shock Doctrine, and some I took out of the library, such as Seth Godin`s All Marketer`s are Liars.

Getting up to  date on all the news and info will get me very excited for next semester, who knows what I will accomplish next year!


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