Get Out There!

I attended my first ever Third Tuesday event earlier this week and it was rewarding experience. Any advice I could offer my fellow students is to get out there and take advantage of these opportunities.

Danielle Donders, blogger and communications practitioner, spoke to room full of marketers, communicators, students, and computer enthusiasts about her experiences throughout the years as a ‘mommy blogger’.

Danielle has been posting almost daily her in blog, Postcards from the Mothership since January 2005 with more than 950 blog posts.

The one thing I took from the discussion centered around blogger relations is how to pitch to a blogger. You should read the blog, know the person you are pitching to, and time your pitch appropriately. Personalizing and researching your pitch will show the blogger that you are really interested in their opinions and view them as a credible source. Everyone likes compliments and free offers, but truly showing a blogger that you value their endorsement can make a huge difference.

Also, Danielle acknowledged that when a public relations agency seeks her out to promote a product or service she views her client as the agency, rather then the product or service.

I will definitely be attending the next Third Tuesday event and hope more students will take advantage of this opportunity. I meet a lot of Thornley Fallis and 76design employees and made some good connections.

In other news, I got a job! I will be starting as a marketing assistant at DNA 13 next week and look forward to this amazing opportunity.

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One thought on “Get Out There!

  1. postcardsfromthemothership says:

    Hey Kathryn, I’m so glad you found the Third Tuesday chat informative! I’ve been going to the meet-ups for about a year now, and each one is different but they are always interesting. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Postcards from the Mothership

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