Back to school, back to school..

I am finally here! So far, so good, I feel very comfortable in the program! I think it will be an amazing year, a hard year, but an amazing one.

There is definitely a lot of things I will gain out on this program, and I am very prepared to make the most of the opportunities that I am given.  I have decided to run for class representative. I really want the chance to represent my classmates and be part of the various student committees on campus. Lets cross our fingers!!

The one strong difference I found between university and college is the attention to detail. I am learning how to handshake, where to stand at a networking event, where to put my badge, and what are some of the common behaviour or gesture that pr professionals are expecting. I could have been making some horrible mistakes and not known because I just wasn’t taught some of these specific things. This was partially why I decided to come to college after university. I didn’t feel prepared, and I didn’t want to make such a little mistake.

So here’s to a great year!


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